Shrubs play an important role in many landscaping styles. This is particularly true for ornamental shrubs, which come in many, many different forms to the surprise of many people.

If you are looking for this type of plant, you’ll first have to decide whether you want a plant or a tree. There are many types of ornamental shrubs that can be nice to look at, though planting a bunch of trees inside of your garden may be the way to go. Or, you can simply plant both. Since they tend to be a bit more interesting, let’s start with those trees that gain lots of gardening attention.

Trees that fall into this category can include fruit trees, shade trees, and many other types of tree. Some examples are Flowering Dogwood, Magnolia, Hydrangea, Paniculata, Cassia fistula, Jacaranda, Tecoma argentea, Cassia javanica, and many more. In order to plant these trees, fill trenches with garden earth and manure (2 to 1), and allow the small saplings to lean against stakes. Of course, trees tend to take quite a few years to grow, and they will require care every year, but the reward will be more than worth it. Now, let’s move on to shrubs and flowers.

Some popular types of ornamental shrubs include Izora, Mosanda, Pentas, Hibiscus, and Lantana (among many others). Flowering shrubs may be the way to go since they do not require that much work, though their fruits will be pleasing to gaze upon. Many of these plants will provide you with flowers all year long, and they are usually perfect for any type of garden. Make sure to take care of your plants in order to keep them for many years.

Once you decide to plant a garden that is unlike any other, you will find that the months pass with ease. There is nothing quite like seeing a bit of color underneath a frozen ground covered with snow. Then again, a summer’s night spent amongst a bed of beautiful flowers is also quite pleasing to all the senses. Choose your plants wisely, and they will reward you for a long time.
As you can see, there are many types of ornamental shrubs available. To find the perfect ones for your garden, visit your local florist and ask about those plants that are not common. Chances are, you’ll find a plant that is just right for your garden in no time.

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