If you are determined to go it alone, there is up-to-date and inexpensive literature existing in the library and on the internet on how to prepare and outline the home landscape. In truth, one of the neatest possible effects from visiting others in their gardens is the generation of new Ideas. Start your garden by partnering with someone at first. My experience with vegetable gardening was with my dad at age eleven. He was invited to use a ten-acre tract of land from Ms Studts; a lady who needed someone to keep an eye on the property a few years until her family’s estate became settled.

I found out among the most distasteful of the jobs facing a home gardener is that of eradicating weeds from the garden. However, the homegrown tomatoes, greens, squash, melons, strawberries and others were great and were certainly worth the effort.

Tables in guides and catalog list the most serious pests that a home gardener is likely to encounter, along with recommendations for their management. A home gardener is relegated to the use of various plain hand tools for planting, cultivating and maintaining the plot.

I would choose organic gardening over conventional. I think it is a healthy choice.

Park Seed Company is one of a number of suppliers who more or less supplies certified organic seeds that are grown under conditions mandated by the National Standard for Organic Agriculture, performing rigorous soil testing and using only approved fertilizers and pest controls. Some offer fast service and organic seed. Some pay exclusive interest to the qualities a home gardener is looking for; flavor and ease of growing.

The prime gardening tool for a home gardener is a spade unless your vegetable garden is very large. Then you may need a mechanical tiller or rotary hoe.

It is not just for the leisure class or hippies. Organic gardening is a new thing to me and I hope to learn and share. It is a Fun and Healthy Way to feed your family. It appears to be a Healthy, Safe,
Fun, and Satisfying Experience.

Many people who are into vegetable gardening have been asked the question, “Why bother to grow vegetables in a garden when you can simply go to the grocery store and buy them.

It is definitely the way to go. It is the best way to feed your family. It is bringing the initial concept of pure gardening back, and it is obvious why. It is different from conventional gardening in several major ways. It is your one and only answer. It is cheap and easy. It is growing in popularity each year. It is a great way to provide healthy foods for your table. It is different from “conventional” gardening in the areas of fertilization and pest control. It is a way to grow plants without the use of chemicals. It is safer because you are not using pesticides and you are not exposing your crops to poisons. It is a lot of work but it is “fun” work.

Now that you have learned that it is safe, healthy, and a lot of fun, you must ask the question “what am I going to plant?” It is not quite the same as your usual gardening and there are a few differences including how fertilizers are used and how to control pests. With these simple tips, you should find that it is fun to do and will provide good results as well.

Plan Your Space. The first step to it is choosing your location. With some, it is a hobby; with others, especially in these days of high prices, a great help. My personal philosophy is to concentrate on the basic principles. Grow a great garden with fewer or no chemicals.

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