Almost anything that grows from a seed or bulb and can fit inside your home and grow in a pot can be considered a houseplant. You can grow anything from tropical orchids to cacti. You are sure to find plants to fit the style of your home.
When you are choosing plants, you should take the amount of light they will receive into consideration. Plants that need low to medium amounts of light will do will in rooms that face north. Orchids or ivy are good examples of plants that don’t need much light. Cacti and succulents need plenty of light, so they should be in rooms that face west or south. Flowering plants like azaleas and tulips need more light than plants that do not blossom.

The next step after choosing the types of plants that you want, is to actually buy them. The next tips will help you with this process.

Choose plants that look healthy and have buds or new growth. Bushy looking plants are typically better than leggy plants.
You should not choose plants whose leaves have brown edges. This means they have not received enough water, or they have had too much fertilizer. Similarly, you should avoid plants with yellow leaves, meaning the plant was over watered.
After your buy the plants and take them to your home, don’t worry if they lose some leaves initially. They need time to adjust to the new environment.

Different areas of your house will allow different types of plants to flourish. There are microclimates in your home that allow moisture loving ferns to grown in kitchens an bathrooms, for example. At the same time, you can have cacti or one of the popular peace lily varieties living in the living room, away from moisture.
If the walls in a room are light, they will reflect the light onto the plants. Be careful that plants don’t get more sun than is good for them from the reflection.

The plants will grow towards the light, so you should turn them every time that you water them so they will grow evenly. All plants should have at least some darkness, since most of their actual growing occurs at night. If the plants are not getting enough light naturally, you should add light bulbs that mimic natural light.

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