Many people think that lawn care can only be handled properly by professional service providers, maybe you are one of them. Let’s say that you can handle your garden and lawn like a professional if you are aware of some basic factors.

DIY lawn care is easy as long as you are willing to invest some time in researching and learning those basic steps on lawn care.
DIY Lawn Care Tips First tip: mowing. Be sure that you mow your lawn regularly, and also leave the lawn clippings on your lawn after mowing, notice that clippings provides a high source of slow-release nitrogen totally natural and chemicals free, other recommendations on mowing is to do it when grass is dry and never mow too short. thus grass may deplete the nutrients of soil when is mowed more than necessary.


Watering play the main roll in maintenance of your lawn. and watering must be according to the soil type, the grass type and the needs of certain season or climates. The best advice on catering your lawn is never water after rainfall. Keep a good drainage on your lawn and this will avoid pests and fungi, in addition make sure to distribute the water across the lawn evenly, remember excessive watering is as bad as lack of water.


Crucial point of keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful, your first step is to analyze soil. Learn what type is and adjust the fertilizer to your soil needs, maybe it is advisable to use organic or natural fertilizer. Over-fertilizing can be harmful to your grass and make so-called fertilizer burn for that reason compost is the best available fertilizer for organic lawn care. It add organic matter and nutrients without damaging the environment and your health.


Vital for your grass good health is the proper aeration: compact soil may deprive grass for the feeding that needs, preventing water and nutrients come to the roots and the result: poor and weak grass, so if you decide aerate your lawn, do it when you notice it is particularly hard, compact and thatch is accumulating too much.

Good raking in fall will prevent grass to cover with dead leave and organic material that pollute the soil and aid to the development of grass illness and insects, notice that many pests come from the lack of good maintenance, specially mold, they find a favorable climate to grow in a uncleaned area. Clean, free of weed, dead leave and other organic material is vital to prevent insect infestation or other incidents that can be very harmful to your lawn.

About Tools For DIY Lawn Care

Basic about tools and their proper maintenance will facilitate your work, your tools must be clean, free of rust or dirt, sharp and keep on a dry place, they are important to lawn caring and if you don’t take the adequate measure they can ruin the whole work. Use the right tools for you, take your time search what kind your need according to your lawn size and conditions, you can start from basic tools like rake, spades and shear and reach to the most sophisticated lawnmower.

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