Today’s modern spey rods and the amazingly versatile lines that have been designed over the past 15 years give you the ability to easily and effectively cover the water I described above, like never before. fly fishing, steelhead The ferocity of having a 15 lb steelhead on the end of your light fly fishing tackle is exhilarating. Their pilgrimage to seawater as young fish allows them to reach much larger sizes than mainland rainbow trout, with some reaching up to 30+ pounds! Migrating steelhead travelling up river in low-light or during darkness, are frequently found holding close to shore, especially in winter flows. There are different methods for steelhead fishing. After that, attach a 20 to 24” tippet with your presentation fly on the end of it. As far as fly setup goes, use a similar setup to the swing fly fishing method but use a different type of fly. Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Gear List Breakdown. Fish from a boat and now it’s just plain ridiculous how easy and effective this method is. All of these things create a perfect storm, and it makes fly fishing for steelhead all that more challenging and addicting to both veteran and novice anglers. This keeps me in the “zone,” allowing the presentation to hang in front of a cold-blooded, frequently lethargic steelhead long enough to entice a strike. I start at the top of the run. Add a strike indicator and a bead and it’s an amazingly effective way to catch steelhead. During the winter run it’s not too uncommon to rack up “double digit” days; even 30, 40 and 50steelhead a day can be caught using this method. On the other end attach a split shot and a barrel swivel. Sometimes their mouth, gills or pectoral fins will move quickly. In water over 42°F, steelhead may move 20 feet to hit a fly. Steelhead also love water that is two to five feet deep with a modest current speed. If you plan on fishing large Steelhead rivers where 90' to 120' casts are the norm, a 14' to 15' rod is the weapon of choice. I’ve also seen many times where steelhead move for a fly and, for some reason, at the very last moment they turn away. I describe the speed generally as a “walking speed.” Yes, there are many exceptions but, as a rule, if come to a place I’ve never fished beforehand I see these characteristics, I’ll fish with total confidence and frequently find steelhead more than willing to eat my fly. After that, attach a 20 to 24” tippet with your presentation fly on the end of it. New Fly Fisher host Colin McKeown joins expert steelhead angler Jeff Blood to learn some excellent nymphing techniques for Lake Erie steelhead. “Blasphemy, heresy, you’re CRAZY Finnerty, utter non-sense!”. 0. Start with an 8 ft 10-pound test tapered leader, then attach a split shot onto the end with a snap swivel. Cast, swing, mend, step and repeat all the way down the run, making sure to fully cover the tail out. Fly fishing for Ontario Steelhead is about as good as it gets around the great lakes. Bright colors and flash are a must with steelhead flies and if presented properly, your reel will likely be screaming! These fish are sea-run rainbow trout. Fishing for Steelhead in California is not for the faint of heart. Right now, communities in this region are facing the aftermath of an intense wildfire season. And if you're interested in trying out some amazing Upper Peninsula steelhead fishing Steelhead are routinely caught using flies tied on size 6 hooks. A basic fly outfit for steelhead would consist of a 9-10 ½-foot rod taking a 5-8 weight forward line with a 5-10 foot tapered leader and 4-10 pound tippet. Then attach a 30 to 36” tippet with your first fly on the end. Let the fly swing across until it stops below me, again following the line’s speed with the rod tip. The Duck and Chuck. There might be days where you fish … It’s also the predominant technique when. Swinging flies can also work wonders with steelhead when the other heavier methods aren’t getting them to bite. For those readers new to steelhead fly fishing, there are really two techniques. If you’d rather fish for steelhead using traditional spinning tackle, be sure to check out our guide on the best trout fishing rods and best spinners for steelhead. We’ll cover the best types of flies for all situations. Then I simply take a couple of steps downstream and with the same amount of line out from the previous cast, make another cast across current. Give us a call here at The Fly Shop® and let us set up a trip to the fabled Klamath River for you this season. Start with a sinking fly line then add 18 inches of 20 lb test, 12 inches of 15 lb test, and 30 inches of 12 lb test for a leader. . It can take 100 drifts over a steelhead before one goes by just right and the fish decides to strike. You can also fly fish for steelhead in the ocean if you have the correct steelhead fly fishing setup. Add a strike indicator and a bead and it’s an amazingly effective way to catch steelhead. We have literally covered every square foot of that run. Cast, swing, mend, step, repeat. We’ll go through them in detail below. Depending on the time of year, steelhead enjoy feeding and living in both shallow and deep water. But when you do connect with of these trophies it makes all those hours worth while. In the spring to fall months, look for steelhead in rivers and estuaries. Taking a steelhead on a fly rod is one of fishing highest achievements, and especially so when targeting winter-run fish.

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