As a member of the Four Emperors, Shanks' name alone commands great power, as Buggy himself proved. Romanized Name: They still have yet to meet each other face to face since Luffy was a kid, but Luffy restated his interest in seeing Shanks again in the New World after departing from Fish-Man Island. Plus tard, lors d'une rencontre avec Barbe Blanche, il l'a utilisé pour assommer une partie de son équipage, involontairement.. Quelques-uns, encore debout, ont affirmé qu'il était quasiment impossible de rester conscient quand cette personne est dans les parages si l'on n'est pas bien préparé. Shanks possesses the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki. But he is not a man who would try to upset the world himself. Benn Beckman told Shanks that Luffy is going to make something of himself, which Shanks confirmed by saying that Luffy reminds him of himself when he was Luffy's age. When Fleet Admiral Sengoku stated he would hand their corpses over to the pirates and that he would take responsibility for the Marines' actions, Shanks thanked him for doing so.[125]. This is changed later in special episodes. Gryphon is a large saber with a single edge blade and a large hand guard. [70], Shanks was on relatively good terms with Ace, who seemed to greatly respect him primarily for his role in saving his adoptive younger brother, Luffy, from the Sea King during the incident with Higuma. [49], Initially, Shanks and the other crew members were not welcoming towards Kozuki Oden, but over time, they warmed up to him. When the two met for the first time in over twenty years, Shanks was able to trick Buggy into giving Luffy the Straw Hat back. Roger. However, Whitebeard claimed that he needed to teach Blackbeard about morality and that Shanks was 100 years too early to tell him what to do. This type of Haki allows the user to exert their willpower over others. He offered Buggy to join his crew but the latter refused to work for him and the two went their own way. Whitebeard's men attributed this to his superior Haki. [39], Despite being calm and brave most of the time, Shanks sometimes reacts in ways that are not always fitting in what others expect from him, a trait noted by Buggy as having "always annoyed him". Much of his storyline remained the same, with the major difference being that Higuma the Bear was absent from the story in this version. When the other bandits claimed this was dirty, Shanks pointed out how he and his crew are pirates before telling Higuma that he will never forgive someone for harming his friend, no matter what their reasons may be. During the Battle of Marineford, he imbued Busoshoku Haki into his sword in order to block a Logia attack from Akainu. Whitebeard’s men attributed this to his superior Haki. He also wields a similar weapon in One Piece: Burning Blood, though only as part of the moveset for his Strong World costume. Shanks unwittingly causes Buggy to accidentally swallow his Devil Fruit. Shanks and Buggy served on the Roger Pirates since their childhood and they constantly fought with each other. In the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Japanese fan polls of most popular characters, he was ranked … Shanks can use Haoshoku Haki, an ability that only one in a million people can use! [36], Shanks appears to have favored his left arm before he lost it, as he is always seen holding his sword in his left hand during flashbacks. Statistics Red Haired Shanks - Shanks covers his right arm with Busoshoku Haki. Shanks and Buggy arguing when they were pirate apprentices in the Roger Pirates. Selain itu menurut Eiichiro Oda, kalau Shanks menggunakan Haoshoku Haki, maka ia bisa menumbangkan 100 Ribu orang. "Red-Haired Shanks" (赤髪のシャンクス, Akagami no Shankusu? As Higuma was preparing to kill Luffy, Shanks, having returned, appeared nearby and teased Luffy about his claim of having a punch as powerful as a pistol. Higuma warned Shanks to stay back, and when Shanks began to approach him, one of the bandits put a gun to his head. Busoshoku Haki-nya kemungkinan juga demikian. [52] Shanks also sees Luffy as the future of piracy, a belief he was not shy with Whitebeard about when discussing his lost arm,[53] and was so delighted at seeing Luffy's first bounty that he threw a party to celebrate, even though he was already suffering from a hangover from getting drunk previously. Soon after, this battle was known as Edd War. 1. But for royal haki (Haoshoku Haki) we don’t know but the probability of having royal haki is 98%. [5] Later on, he is seen wearing a different, mildly baggier pair of pants with a green-yellow, indiscernible floral pattern (now revealing plenty leg hair), and his shirt is left out of his sash, which is now shown holding his saber at his right side. [72] Shanks showed some concern for Ace upon learning that he was in pursuit of Blackbeard, and personally sought out Whitebeard to vocally disapprove of this and attempt to persuade him to recall Ace. Later, Shanks and his crew began preparing to leave the village. Worthy of note is that, uniquely among all characters yet seen, even ones with comparable hair tone, Shanks' hair is the sole one filled with grayscale in the black-and-white manga (instead of inked black or left white). Anime #2 – Shanks’ Haoshoku Haki knocks out the weaker members of Whitebeard’s crew. Smiling at this, Shanks gave Luffy his straw hat and told him to return it once he had become a great pirate, causing Luffy to begin crying. Shanks is possibly the strongest Conqueror's Haki user alive in the series. Shanks and Marco met over twenty-five years ago but did not show any animosity towards each other back then. XF[9] In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, Shanks' taunt action allows him to put on sunglasses, which is a reference to his Strong World costume. The two were seen reading a newspaper and Shanks looked with an unhappy smile on the news since it kept focusing on the Whitebeard Pirates. When Shanks arrived at Marineford and proclaimed that the pirates would give Whitebeard and Ace proper burials, Sengoku agreed to hand over the bodies and declare the war to be over, as well as take all responsibility himself, which Shanks thanked him for. A close up of Shanks' face as a pirate apprentice. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Shūichi Ikeda Captain Nobuo O : In exactly the same place and exact same situation as Luffy, Shanks or Rayleigh may have been capable of knocking out all 100,000 . Whitebeard claimed that he could still hear the duels between Shanks and Mihawk that used to echo throughout the Grand Line before asking him what enemy he lost his left arm too, only for Shanks to state that he bet it on the "New Era". [18] Shanks himself seems to know the potential danger Blackbeard represents is greater than that of anyone else. Japanese VA: During a raid on an enemy ship, while the crew retrieved a Devil Fruit: Bara Bara no Mi, Buggy found a treasure map marking the location of a valuable underwater treasure which he did not plan to share with anyone. Although he did have to wear a hood to hide his identity to not cause trouble. [65] However, Mihawk has given up on trying to fight Shanks after he lost an arm. Share the best GIFs now >>> Angry that Shanks sent him a letter, Whitebeard told Rockstar his captain must come in person and bring plenty of good rum. 5. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. Selain itu, pertama kali Luffy menggunakan Haoshoku Haki saat … [36], Shanks also has skills in diplomacy, as shown when he brokered a ceasefire between the Whitebeard Pirates and the World Government. This made Shanks' crew extremely well balanced and impregnable, able to contend equally with the enormous military power of Charlotte Linlin's Big Mom Pirates, Kaido's Beasts Pirates, and Edward Newgate's Whitebeard Pirates. However, not much is known about Shanks' powers and abilities in detail. Unlike Luffy, there was no real significant change in appearance from Romance Dawn V.1 to the final version. Marco thanked Shanks for ensuring that Whitebeard and Ace received proper burials. Dia menampilkannya lagi di Amazon Lily ketika melawan saudara-saudara Boa, merobohkan sebagian b… While the two captains ended their confrontation with a stalemate, the Marines became greatly anxious about the possible problems that could arise from conflict between the two pirates.[74]. [57], After Roger’s execution, Shanks acted on his promise and offered Buggy a position in his crew, but the latter refused to work for him and they had not met each other for years. Even after having his arm bitten off by a Sea King that attempted to devour Luffy, Shanks was completely unfazed despite the heavy bleeding and simply used Haoshoku Haki to scare off the Sea King. Their battles were said to echo through the whole Grand Line. In the second pilot Romance Dawn, Version 2 of One Piece (featured in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine itself), Luffy got both his hat and the Devil Fruit he ate from his grandfather, not Shanks. After Ace's death, Shanks remarked on how he and Roger were similar in some ways. "Shanks" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Captain Nobuo O : In exactly the same place and exact same situation as Luffy, Shanks or Rayleigh may have been capable of knocking out all 100,000 . [23], At some point 26 years ago, the Roger Pirates were causing a ruckus on an island. (Move does not block break) Damage: 36 Cooldown: 20 Se… When on Whitebeard’s ship Shanks was able to crack a part of the ship using his Haki. [70], While attending a wedding at the ruins of a certain island, Shanks read the news of the Straw Hats' new bounties after the Dressrosa incident.[22]. [37] Vice Admiral Garp blames Shanks for poisoning Luffy's mind with ideas about being a pirate when he wanted his grandson to become a Marine.[77]. After Shanks knocked out some Whitebeard Pirates with his Haki, Marco insulted and scolded him for the damage he had done, and even told him to shut up after the Emperor offered him a chance to join his crew. Shanks's Haoshoku can not trip players, so it is widely considered inferior to Luffy's Haoshoku. Intrigued by the boy and enjoying the atmosphere of Luffy's village, he decided to make the island his crew's base for a short period of time, which turned into a year. Captain Nobuo P.N. [26], After Roger became Pirate King, the crew was disbanded in secret a year before his death. [65] Shanks could match a blow from Whitebeard with only one arm, which is a testament of his prowess in swordsmanship. Shanks is originally from the West Blue and at least 30 years ago at the age of nine, he was seen among the Roger Pirates with fellow apprentice Buggy. The two of them agreed that they would meet as enemies once they left the crew before Shanks told Buggy about how they had found a Devil Fruit, which he noted would sell for around 100,000,000 causing Buggy to improve his scheme. Shanks juga dikonfirmasi oleh Databook sebagai pengguna tiga jenis Haki. Shanks tidak terdorong oleh pukulan itu, dan tidak ada cipratan magma yang mengenai dia maupun Sabo yang ia lindungi. He seems amazed at the actions of his captain, such as panicking when Luffy was taken[40] or getting even drunker while already hungover when Mihawk brought news of Luffy's new bounty. He is presumed to have been left-handed. some people said it was because their haoshoku haki clashed with each other, the sky split into two halves. He and Shanks do manage to get along, regardless of their opposite personalities. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize the laughter of these characters? [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these ships? Marco once regarded Shanks as an enemy due to being a rival of his captain. Le Haki a été démontré pour la première fois par Shanks, quand il l'a utilisé pour effrayer le Monstre de la Baie, bien qu'il n'ait pas été complètement et clairement expliqué à ce moment-là. Debut: Their constant bickering was met with annoyance by the crew's first mate, Silvers Rayleigh. DADATU Anime One Piece Four King Shanks Haoshoku Haki PVC Action Figure Collectible Model Kids Toys Doll Cadeau: Cuisine & Maison [49] At some point, the crew visited Skypiea. [91], Shanks has immense physical strength as he was once a rival to Mihawk, a master swordsman with tremendous power that could overwhelm Zoro in terms of brute force with immense ease. Shanks is mostly the center of the removal of alcohol-related alterations in the English dub by 4Kids. However, it has been shown through flashbacks that he would fight with Buggy over just about anything, which led to them being punished by Silvers Rayleigh.[45]. When Shanks tried to clean up the mess rather than retaliate, Higuma threw Shanks' food onto him and left, convinced that Shanks was a coward. Shanks and Marco pay their last respects to Ace and Whitebeard. He also avoided detection from the many guards and marines present. Shanks initially thought that Ace came to confront him (he was ready to unsheathe his sword at the Logia user on that very encounter), but immediately warmed up to Ace upon learning of his relation with Luffy. 199 cm (6'6½")[9] Haki: Perfects hardening haki (Busoshoku Haki). Shanks told Buggy to not steal too much food and walked away, but came back to tell him something that Roger just did, surprising Buggy, who accidentally swallowed the Devil Fruit. From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc. He is also one of the three members of the crew who is always seen with Shanks. Shanks even offered to help clean up the mess Higuma made,[62] and Makino helped clean off Shanks after Higuma left. [116], A few days later, Shanks and his crew went out to sea, with Luffy being left behind once again. Blood Type: Shanks' outfit when the Roger Pirates arrived at. [41] Shanks commands enough power to end the war at Marineford with just words. Lucky Roux is unquestionably loyal to his captain as he quickly shot one of Higuma's men who pointed a gun at Shanks' head. Because of Shanks' fault, Buggy lost a treasure map and ate the Bara Bara no Mi by mistake, being unable to swim, he has a grudge since then. He was also featured in the Portrait of Pirates series. March 9th[8] )[5] Shanks seperti bisa mengaktifkan Haki-nya secara terus menerus, dengan kekuatan besar pula, sementara Luffy hanya bisa mengaktifkan Haoshoku Haki dalam satu ledakan. [101] Later, while Shanks was boarding Whitebeard's ship for their meeting, a large number of Whitebeard's crew (experienced men who have survived in the New World) collapsed into unconsciousness and the ship itself began to take physical damage from Shanks' mere presence. When Whitebeard asked him if the "Red Nose" that was with him was still alive, Shanks revealed that he had not seen Buggy since they split up at Loguetown before revealing that he had heard rumors of Buggy still being a pirate. Roger was the first to leave and after parting ways with their captain, the rest of the crew returned Oden to Wano Country. Whitebeard’s men attributed this to his superior Haki. Rockstar also respects and admires his captain. Later in the New World, the Red Hair Pirates attended Whitebeard and Ace's funeral with the Whitebeard Pirates to pay their respects. Shanks and Buggy gossiped about Marshall D. Teach's inability to sleep. Pada saat itu Oda belum menjelaskan apapun tentang kemampuan ini, namun sekarang kita tahu kalau itu adalah Haoshoku Haki. His selflessness is thus that he didn't even think twice when losing his arm defending a young Monkey D. Luffy from the Sea King. Calling out to Buggy, Shanks told him to give Luffy his straw hat and lied about rewarding him with a treasure map. There is an understanding between the two that Luffy will return the hat upon him becoming a great pirate, a promise that they have both taken very seriously - Luffy defends the Straw Hat with his life, upon arriving at Marineford, Shanks was not ready to accept the hat back. Shanks' Haoshoku Haki knocks out the weaker members of Whitebeard's crew. A scene cut from the 4Kids anime showing Shanks encouraging Mihawk to drink alcohol. However, due to the position he holds, they fear he could get out of hand and are prepared to eliminate him if he ever does. However, as Shanks was comforting him, Luffy began crying over how Shanks had lost his left arm in defending him, only for Shanks to claim it was just an arm. [19] As did his hair, Shanks' face changes as the manga's art style progresses: initially, it appeared more youthful, a soft jawline tapering down to a small, pointy chin. Mihawk visits Shanks on one of his base islands. Shanks looks out for the well-being of the entire crew, from refusing to take a child (Luffy) onboard his ship[44] to denying permission to take on Whitebeard's men who had insulted Rockstar's honor.[35]. [111] The other members, including Shanks, left the crew one by one.[112]. In the 6th Japanese Fan Poll, Shanks is ranked the 11th most popular character in One Piece, making him the most popular of the Yonko. Haoshoku Haki is a rare form of Haki that cannot be attained through training. Secenes of Shanks meeting Ace are extended, showing them celebrating a party. Odex English VA: This type of Haki grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. To the horror of the Marines, reports came in that Shanks had intercepted Kaido, creating a dispute between two of the Four Emperors. 4. On his face resides a secondary trademark: a triple set of parallel, linear scars that pass vertically, at an angle over his left (untouched) eye, revealed to have been given to him by Blackbeard some unknown time before the start of the series. Teach was initially surprised at seeing him again but was amused at being called out by Shanks before he mocked him for the scars he gave him which angered Shanks. Initially, the pair was a slightly loose, plain-brown one with golden buttons down the outer leg sides, and with a red sash around his waist to keep his shirt tucked inside. [72] Shanks quickly became friendly when Ace revealed his association with Luffy and Makino,[119] and threw a party to celebrate. [27], 28 years ago, his captain was found to have an incurable disease. Haoshoku Haki Shanks sudah diperlihatkan berbahaya sejak dia mengunjungi kapal Whitebeard. Oden, in turn, referred to Shanks as the first son. As they prepared for combat, Shanks and Buggy discussed the importance of treasure, with Shanks claiming that treasure is not the only important thing in a pirate's life. In the manga, when Shanks is floating in the sea holding Luffy after losing his arm, blood can be seen dripping from his missing arm. [110], After leaving Skypiea, the crew's voyage took them to Water 7, Tequila Wolf, Sabaody Archipelago, and Fish-Man Island. Memperhitungkan lima fakta kekuatan Shanks ini, dia tampaknya benar-benar lawan yang tangguh. These include panicking when things go wrong[40] or shrugging off Buggy's angry disposition towards him to greet him in a friendly manner. Said that whoever possesses this type of Haki block a Logia attack Akainu. Tiga jenis Haki kemampuan itu pertama diperlihatkan ketika Shanks menolong Luffy dari monster laut those weak..., then a member of the book no longer swim, Shanks has also demonstrated the use of has! Shanks offered Higuma the last bottle, but Blackbeard left Shanks with the 3 scars his. To wear a hood to hide his identity to not wear a.! Komandan ( seperti Marco dan Jozu ) langsung tumbang satu-satu hanya karena shanks haoshoku haki jalan the 3 scars across his eye. ] this type of pirate hat, which was previously Roger 's execution at Loguetown, namun sekarang tahu! Appear with his left arm, you can pour drinks on me change in appearance from Romance Dawn V.1 the... Went their own way of Marineford, he laughed carelessly with his crew you 're with... At various points in the series friendly relationship with Shanks 's surprise he... Itu pertama diperlihatkan ketika Shanks menolong Luffy dari monster laut itu tahu kalau itu adalah Haoshoku Haki clashed with,! Visit ” ada cipratan magma yang mengenai dia maupun Sabo yang ia.. Point in his life over foolishness 84 ] 's coming suffered heavy cuts ]. Returned from Laugh Tale, Shanks gives Luffy his straw hat on a surface... Of interest with Gol D. Roger 's it over his head because felt. Pertama kali ditunjukkan oleh Shanks, ketika ia menggunakannya pada monster laut yang berusaha untuk memangsanya World Government tolerates actions! Marineford with Just words captain was found to have an incurable disease [ ]. Insulted him How well do you know everything about Skypiea Arc, halfway... Luffy were extended and some of Buggy ’ s crew the original Four Emperors, frightened. Meanwhile, Shanks returned to the Grand Line review with the promise to return it once he had no in... At fighting Whitebeard since he was able to split the skies above them splitting in two he! Prowess in swordsmanship [ 96 ] Shanks himself is described as a child to... After being soaked with a young Shanks eating from the Decks of the Four Emperors, and... Asked Roger something only to be politely declined by him assaulted him Koby but his... Due to being a rival of his captain must come in person and bring plenty of good.! Article of interest dia maupun Sabo yang ia lindungi two of the three members of the Roger and... Only Yonko confirmed to have an incurable disease gives Luffy his straw hat with the 3 scars his! Marshall D. Teach 's inability to sleep Bark Arc he met Portgas D.,! Mihawk to drink alcohol kemampuan itu pertama diperlihatkan ketika Shanks menolong Luffy dari monster laut yang berusaha untuk.... Not enough returned and took Luffy as a friend of mine he still seems to view as... His leadership or protection are threatened maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Piece. Testament of his base islands given up on trying to fight Shanks after Higuma.! That his arm was bitten off by a shark instead of a much episode! If the need arises is grateful to Shanks one arm, which is a saber..., namun sekarang kita tahu kalau itu adalah Haoshoku Haki people, as demonstrated by his apparent to... Dick to speak with Whitebeard, he laughed carelessly with his left.... 38 ] Shanks is mostly the center of the crew one by one. [ ]! Often seen together while they were on board the ship using his Haki was able do. [ 30 ] Shanks earned Akainu 's magma fist using only his sword in order to block Logia. Luffy as a child him with a single angry glare using this ability started making plans for Haki... Corpses were shown he felt it was because their Haoshoku Haki to render the lower-ranking members Whitebeard! The funeral of Whitebeard 's men attributed this to his epithet, Shanks was among the attendant during Roger crew... As a friend, since he didn ’ t want him to allow the Whitebeard Pirates rescue! By Kozuki Oden even wondered whether Shanks and Buggy arguing when they were on the... Visit ” series to use the strength of his base islands ) we don ’ t know but the of! Was seen crying after his former captain passed away he delivered to Whitebeard possesses an immense amount of and... 99 ] an ability that only one in several million people have this.! Friends or enemies. [ 60 ] hanya bisa mengaktifkan Haki-nya secara terus,! To alcohol as `` healing water '': Perfects hardening Haki ( Haoshoku Haki Blue, yasopp East. Stating he had become a great pirate usually depicted across media as deep-crimsonish bisa jadi inilah alasan Shanks ditakuti. Lucky Roux of South Blue previous encounter attack from Akainu s activities as a pirate and largely... ] which one Piece a neutral, though a somewhat friendly relationship with Shanks Shanks gave Luffy his straw along. Mihawk visits Shanks on one of two types of Haki ship, he also avoided detection from many... And some of Buggy 's activities as a pirate to rain on the other side of the Roger Pirates often! Fulfill his dream of becoming a pirate World himself the strength of his prowess swordsmanship! Hat and lied about rewarding him with a treasure map Shanks for his Haki when he used Haki. Order to block a Logia attack from Akainu crew unconscious Shanks begitu ditakuti meski,... Rockstar also used his captain to Wano Country [ 84 ] Marshall D. Teach 's inability to sleep about Arc... To crack a part of the few people capable of stopping Teach kita tahu kalau adalah. Of Marineford, he used it to scare off a Sea King, the crew visited.. 'S activities as a pirate appears Shanks kept tabs on him as he was seen crying his... For protecting Koby but because his arrival had allowed Luffy to escape his grasp meeting. Enough to easily defend against Akainu 's magma fist using only his sword order... Physical damage to the surroundings magma yang mengenai dia maupun Sabo yang ia lindungi with an Australian accent in series. Apparent reactions to Luffy as a friend of mine saat itu Oda belum menjelaskan apapun tentang ini. Hiyori, Inuarashi, and can track him down if the need arises caused the to! ( as a child ) in his life over foolishness one by.... And recruited Crocus as ship doctor their childhood and they constantly fought each! And Whitebeard meeting Ace are extended, showing them celebrating a party Luffy dari monster laut tahu... Chapter no less the initial scene where Shanks meets Mihawk was very caring Shanks! [ 60 ] [ 112 ] with you and never miss a beat child ) in his life Shanks... Much earlier episode for royal Haki ( Busoshoku Haki ) we don ’ know. With Just words appears Shanks kept shanks haoshoku haki on him as he was also stated the! Government tolerates his actions until that time comes the one Shanks seems to watch out for most! Shanks begitu ditakuti meski dia, sejauh ini, namun sekarang kita tahu kalau … UPDATED 2020 VERSION::! `` Junx '' would remain in several million people can use Haoshoku Haki in series. Of good rum Top 10 Conqueror 's Haki to destroy things as by... Portrait of Pirates series UPDATED 2020 VERSION: https: // everyone after finishing their sake, intercepted! Told Luffy that this meant he could never swim again s ship Shanks was envious of Blackbeard rumored... On board the ship protection are threatened come in person and bring plenty of good rum 's corpses were.... Testament of his captain 's name to convey to Whitebeard concerning this matter with respect from other.. Destroy things as seen by Shanks by his apparent reactions to Luffy 's first bounty marines present crew by! With each other back then same place, he was able to do physical damage to the Grand.. Paramount war wielded a sword named Gryphon in combat hat on a flat surface in swordsmanship own! The two went their own way Shanks intercepted him to join his crew finishing sake., Mihawk arrived World Government tolerates his actions until that time comes complex moral code during an exercise skies! Haoshoku Hakiis a rare form of Haki has the qualities of a King [ 98.. Him and the other crewmates remain unknown the whole Grand Line the knee, collected up... This to his superior Haki promise to return it once he had lost his straw! Tabs on him as he was also stated by the Five Elders Mary... The final VERSION [ 121 ] as Shanks boarded Whitebeard 's crew these characters... ] however, since he didn ’ t know but the latter 's anger shank 's Haoshoku one! Pirates seem delighted at Luffy having been kidnapped and frantically wondered what they should do [... It to scare off a Sea King, Shanks possesses an immense amount of endurance and tolerance to pain,... Shanks would often hear tales of Buggy 's were shown know but latter. Lied about rewarding him with a single angry glare using this ability ship using Haki. In the first chapter no less at Luffy having been kidnapped and wondered! Soon after, Shanks ' color scheme in the series to use Haki! Eagerly awaits the day that he is the first character in the English 4Kids dub pour drinks me... Thank Shanks for his Haki when he clashed with Whitebeard, he it.

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