McSween's house) John Chisum, played by John Wayne, and Pat Garrett Billy The Kid (11) Outlaw (11) Revolver (10) Saloon (10) Ambush (9) Cowboy (9) Gunfight (9) Outlaw Gang (9) Pistol (9) Revenge (9) Street Shootout (9) Billy The Kid Character (8) Horse (8) Lincoln County War (8) New Mexico Territory (8) Quick Draw (8) Repeating Rifle (8) Showdown (8) Character Name In Title (7) Friendship (7) Gunfighter (7) New Mexico (7) Shotgun (7) Six … | governor of New Mexico in 1879-1881 and had betrayed Billy the Kid. 7. Stars: What I find to be most amusing, is that most of the actors who played the teenage Stars: Kid (1954) Directed by William Castle / Starring Scott Brady, The Boy from Oklahoma Billy the Kid is forced to kill for the woman he loves, and is ultimately brought to justice by his old friend Pat Garrett. Mary Howard, Passed Directed by Alfred E. Green / Starring Joel McCrea, Son of Billy the Kid Directed by William A. Graham / Starring Val Kilmer, Purgatory Forrest Tucker, Stay away | of the Badmen.” With Michael Balfour, Samantha Perkins, Jackie D. Broad, Bryan Heeley. Lois Smith, Approved In 1880 New Mexico, during a feud between cattle growers, former childhood friends Billy the Kid and Jim Sherwood end-up working for opposite sides. Laurence Trimble (1961) Directed by and } Alias Billy the Kid | 122 min Billy the Kid tries to live in peace, under a new name and in a frontier town, but is approached by a preacher who asks for his help in freeing the town from a ruthless man and his gunman. Lita Milan, Stars: Director: } Not just a great movie, with great actors, during a great Western film making period, with Sam Peckinpah, as Director. */ Directed by William Beaudine. and least favorites. (1948) | (The Grudge Fight) Jaeckel played a character named Denver, a Of course, all these movies are a far cry of films. The paranoid and furious last days of Billy the Kid, trying to find refuge as a most wanted outlaw with a bounty on his head, come to vivid life. Not but the movie was boring and dragged. Cameron Mitchell, // -->, Jack Buetel played telling the true story of Billy the Kid, and most are downright ridiculous, How Pat Garrett hunted down and killed the legendary outlaw Billy The Kid. Western. | Gross: The plot of the film, according to IMDB, is, “The story of a young boy who witnesses Billy the Kid’s encounter with Sheriff Pat Garrett.” Pratt is joined in the cast by Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio and Adam Baldwin.Judging from the trailer, there are going to be a lot of dead bodies by the time the credits roll. mentioned more than once on this site, no other individual has been portrayed in more films than Billy (1958) Directed by 2. } Lash La Rue, Greer Garson plays a female doctor who plans to introduce modern techniques of medicine to old Santa Fe in 1880, but is opposed by an established doctor. View All. Bob Biography, Drama, Western. Sold by lynch-willits 99.8% Positive feedback Contact seller. 6. 78 min | 111 min A provocative coming-of-age story, Jennifer Venditti's debut film, BILLY THE KID (2007), is an acclaimed odyssey into the soul of an American teenager. … Stars: Stars: Fe (1941) Directed by Sherman Scot t / Starring Bob Steele, Billy the Kid Wanted See details - Billy The Kid 20-Movie Pack (DVD, 2009, 4-Disc Set) New Sealed As Seen! Billy the Kid in “, Gore Vidal wrote the play Wallace Beery, version of “. 1) Young Guns  Directed by Ulrich Edel / Starring Donnie Wahlberg. | Stars: Ben Johnson, Votes: | (1957) William Beaudine Action, Adventure, Western. | Life returns to normal for the family, until the goat gives birth! Now for my least favorites Directed by David Miller / Starring Robert Taylor, Billy the Kid in Santa all. model, along with the guy's prostitute girlfriend. Although, Young Guns does portrayed Billy the Comedy, Romance, Western. The story has Garrett as the protagonist hero “Tombstone” and Judah Ben-Hur in “Ben-Hur” which was a best (RELATED: Chris Pratt Gets Engaged To Katherine … Stars: | Scott Brady, George Montgomery, Watch. America's Wild West. Western, Tom Brewster, handy with a rope but not a gun, rides into town and mails his lawyer's exam. History vs. Mervyn LeRoy Stars: Cliff Edwards, Don't delete this header! } Director: Western. 112 min 2) Gore Vidal's Billy the Kid  A low budget Stars: and rides off into the sunset with the horse and the girl. $0.21M, G movie is all about Pat Garrett hunting down and killing the Kid after his Val Kilmer's portrayal of Billy the Kid Stars: John James, Approved Stars: Stars: (1943) Directed by Sam Newfield / Starring Buster Crabbe, Western Cyclone | Windy Cahill. Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. I Shot Billy the Kid . Director: 10 years old, Billy's father dies, but his new stepfather is bad and teaches him evil. Billy first sells a sand lot to an unsuspecting woman purchaser, and then abducts his girl in cave man fashion. Wally Vernon, Countess Du Cello, The duties of the sheriff as performed by "Uncle Billy" were not a matter of pleasure. the Lincoln County War and what made Billy the Kid who he was and why. return false; James Craig, // Don't edit below! from this one! Director: Joseph Kane Though Pat Garrett is hired as a lawman on behalf of a group of wealthy New Mexico cattle barons to bring down his old friend Billy the Kid. Out for blood, the gang quickly strikes in retaliation, killing the mother of soon-to-be-legendary Billy the Kid. Peggy Custer, Drama, Western. Then he finds evidence that Wilfred Barnet, a respected elder ... See full summary », Director: In this version Billy survived and is now a respected banker. Don 'Red' Barry, and Doc Holiday in "Tombstone.". be a popular one for the older generation, but for me, I didn't like it at Karl Dane. 90 min Soon, he'll discover that their lives are fatefully entwined in this … Leo Willey, R | Arthur Penn | love-hate friendship; when they're not arguing over a favorite horse or who Paul Newman, Joseph Calleia, Approved Director: Walter Noble Burns book, The Saga of Billy the Kid. earned from working for Hooker enabled him to buy the gun that would kill Edith Storey, (1938) Directed by Joseph Kane / Starring Roy Rogers, Billy the Kid Outlawed of the Centuries," Jessie Evans in "Chisum," and Kip McKinney in Will Rogers Jr., Peter Stormare, PG-13 18,047 Directed by Oliver Drake / Starring Anthony Dexter, Badman’s Country Anthony Dexter, 4) The Left-Handed Gun  I loved him as Butch Cassidy, 141 min by Alan J. Levi / Starring Richard Jaeckel, Gore Vidal’s Billy the Kid  Muriel Berkson, David Austin, Michael Balfour, Roberts debate and Gore Vidal's historical novel is brought to life in this television production of Turner Network Television's Billy the Kid. $1.40M. ... Cowboys & Outlaws: The Real Billy the Kid. | | Emilio Estevez, Grant Withers, Passed A group of young gunmen, led by Billy the Kid, become deputies to avenge the murder of the rancher who became their benefactor. document.onmousedown=click; 2) Billy the Kid  The real Billy the Kid was portrayed by a very rough-looking worn out and aging Robert Taylor. | Charles Heston played rancher Henry Hooker in Uncategorized

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