July Gardening Tips

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the taking of cuttings, but really it is a fairly simple thing to do, and gives you more plants to fill your garden or give to your friends. Many shrubs can be increased by cuttings this month, as can some climbers and shrubby rock plants such as helianthemums. First for the shrubs, take […]

DIY Lawn Care Tips

Many people think that lawn care can only be handled properly by professional service providers, maybe you are one of them. Let’s say that you can handle your garden and lawn like a professional if you are aware of some basic factors. DIY lawn care is easy as long as you are willing to invest some time in researching and […]

Pruning Evergreen Trees In The Spring – Important Tips For The Home Gardener

Spring is the principle season for pruning evergreen trees. In adopting a correct approach to the task, the gardener should be focusing on two separate but connected matters. On the one hand, we are interested in the tree growing in the desired manner, all the while recognizing that pruning is liable to seriously affect the future long-term health and survival […]

Vegetable Gardening – How to Plan a Vegetable Garden You Will Love

Taking up vegetable gardening as a hobby has a number of benefits. Some discover that spending time working in the dirt is a tremendous relaxation technique. Others have discovered the matchless taste of home-grown, fresh-picked vegetables. Still others are looking for ways to bring down their personal carbon footprint–vegetable gardening makes eating locally much easier. All of these people have […]

Garden irrigation – Why It’s So Important To Grow And Water Different Plant Groups Separately

Effective irrigation and efficient water management are about supplying suitable quantities of water to the garden plants, at the right intervals. Both these parameters differ in accordance with various groups of plants. Trees and shrubs of tropical origin may thrive on soil conditions that are almost permanently moist, while species from dry climates invariably prefer the soil to dry out […]

The Home Vegetable Garden

If you are determined to go it alone, there is up-to-date and inexpensive literature existing in the library and on the internet on how to prepare and outline the home landscape. In truth, one of the neatest possible effects from visiting others in their gardens is the generation of new Ideas. Start your garden by partnering with someone at first. […]

Tree Landscaping

Trees are a landscaping tool that many people use to make a yard lusher and inviting. However, planting and landscaping with trees is not something that you can just waver back and forth on. They are a landscaping commitment, because they are not easily moved. That is why it is so important that you research your tree choice to ensure […]

Bed Bugs Symptoms

Home is for mankind to rest in and spend the rest of his time safe and secure in here. Shelter is delivered to human in many ways and all of them are to be delivering the comfort as desired by the homemakers. So it is not the variety of the home that is to be providing some but it is […]

Annual Flowers – Ideas To Aid The Gardener In A Dry Climate

Annual flowers play an undeniably important role in ornamental gardening. Trees and shrubs can supply flower color at a height that is usually from eye-level upwards, while herbaceous perennials, like annuals, flower at a height ranging from ground level to about a meter. (3ft) While by no means essential for a successful garden, annual plants nonetheless fulfill a number of […]