It was a stark reminder to put off all other distractions for another day. No bathroom lines, no crowded starting trails, no crammed aid stations, and overall just a much more casual, relaxed atmosphere. That point where you realize you might be able to break down into a lower goal-time tier, I never know if that’s a happy realization or a sad one knowing just how much harder you feel you owe it to yourself to push yourself to try to get there. © var d = new Date() With new pack in hand, I headed back up the road and out towards the Rainbow Trail. So, I filled up my bladder to the brim at Colony Creek, grabbed some Oreos & gummy bears, and dove into the long stretch ahead. Results for this event have been loaded and can be viewed within each participant's results page. I had to make it down the last 4.4 miles in 48 minutes to beat 11 hours. I was very tired, no doubt, but the higher and higher I got, the more and more determined I was to give it my absolute all to try to break 11 hours. Sangre de Cristo Ultras. Classic Races. Plus it was mostly downhill and all basically a lead up to the upcoming effort for Music Pass. As of the start of of the 2020, there were 185 One-Hundred Mile Ultramarathons in North America. No idea what to even say about that. It includes the following events: 200-Mile, 100-Mile, 100k, 50-Mile, 50k, 27k, and 3-DAYs of MUSIC PASS: 50-Mile, 50k & 27k. UltraRunning November 2020. by UltraRunning Magazine 10/25/2020. Sep 25, 2021. The weather we were having was perfect all day: lower 70’s for the high with a soft breeze. That’s wise stuff. Wed - Sep 16, 2020. Come join us on the Rainbow Trail in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. I knew exactly how fast I needed to go. I believe those are Tijeras Peak (13,606′), Music Mountain (13,380′), and Milwaukee Peak (13,522′). Westcliffe, CO 81252. Excel or csv files are required if sending a file. Westcliffe, CO City Location Custer County. I was keeping to my pace perfectly and everything that could have gone right, was. As expected, the 2.5 mile climb back up from the Horn Creek Aid Station was no fun. My final two mile shakeout run through town the next morning included dodging a major construction project, early morning meth-head encounters, and accidentally mistaking a local female construction worker for a dude. 50 KM. Website., Family Thanksgiving in the Desert, 2020 Style, Searchin’ for Serenity in the Grand Canyon: Escalante Route 2020. Running back through the open meadows en-route to the return to Music Meadows. The valley looked enticing, to say the very least. Come join us on the Rainbow Trail in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Sub-11 might be possible, but doubtful. I drove in and joined the hundred or so other cars and campers who were getting settled in and / or still arriving. Here’s a full recap of the day. Moreover, the trail essentially followed the contour lines of the Sangres lowest foothills, which made for relatively gentle grades all day. Together, you become a better runner. There were 11 people who started the 200 miler race (it was actually 208 miles) and 5 who finished. Your email address will not be published. Originally, Ben, Brian, and I had planed to run the Devil on the Divide 50k in September. So special, in fact, that I’d use another word to describe the emotion I felt: joy. “If you want to run, run a mile. Going to try the whole biking thing a bit more + try to remember what a weekend feels like that doesn’t involve a 5-7+ hour run every Saturday, lol. I left the aid station and texted my crew, “Leaving Music Meadows at 2:42 PM. Standing atop Music Pass for the second time at exactly 4:02 PM. I brought a camp chair, warm clothes, a lunch, and a good book. It is just about a quarter mile below the Grape Creek Trailhead, and it made for the perfect starting venue. I found an unending, self-imposed geography quiz of CO’s high peaks was far too distracting given the task at hand. By the time the Grape Creek TH finally arrived, I was closing in on the minutes. document.write(d.getFullYear()); RACEPLACE, Inc. All Rights Reserved. September 25th 2021. Come join us on the Rainbow Trail in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Katie Asmuth sufrió una caída a 35 km de la meta, taponó la sangre con un tampón que le dejaron y siguió corriendo para llevarse la Hoka One One Bandera 100. The coolest part about this was that my body responded 100% in lock step with what I was trying to do. Thanks for reading if you did. Like most decisions that drag on, it felt good to just lock it in. So perfectly, in fact, that I knew breaking 11 hours was well within the realm of possibility. Come join us on the Rainbow Trail in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. This race is full of festivities, friends, challenge, and joy. I felt nothing but joy after finishing this race, and I have a sneaking suspicion that is a feeling I’ll be able to draw from in the months and years ahead. Thanks for all the kudos as well. I found a solid pace and made very quick work of the descent. It felt good to have someone to tail again after many miles alone on the course. I synced up with a guy named Dan for most of the way from from Music Meadows (aid #1) and Colony Creek (aid #2). This race is full of festivities, friends, challenge, and joy. Maybe it was because I wasn’t sure if I’d have the time to get the miles in I needed. 50 Miles. “For those of you new to ultras, there’s an old saying about pacing: Start slow and ease off.”, – Sherpa John’s advice to my wave just before we got moving. : The Sangre de Cristo Ultras 200-Mile is our only race where race day registration is not welcome.You must register online before 11:59:59pm on Monday, September 13, 2021 to be able to participate in the 200-Mile event. The Human Potential Running Series requires 8-hours of volunteer trail work for those to be able to participate in the Silverheels 100-Mile, Sangre de Cristo 100-Mile, Sangre de Cristo 200-Mile Endurance Runs (Though, runners can opt out of this requirement by submitting a $150 donation to our beneficiaries). Reading atop Independence Pass the day before the race. And finally yes, definitely taking a bit of a break. The 9.3 mile stretch to Horn Creek had lots of rolling up and down, but the last ~2.5 miles or so was a long descent into the aid station. After this race I’m more convinced than ever that there is actually a decent amount that experience can help with these sorts of things. ... Sangre de Cristo Ultras. And of course, the conversation made those miles go by easy. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon. All in all, I found the trail to be far less rugged than most of the front range trails I had been training on all summer. With this in mid, I was very intentional about how I spent time at the final aid station. Everything was coming together perfectly at this point. High peaks kept poking their heads out all day from along the Rainbow Trail. I have been running long enough to know how rare that is. Male winning result was 4:33:08 and the female winning result was 5:24:10. 200 Miles. Too many of us chase happiness, which is fleeting. This field is actually the private property of some ranchers in the Sangres who are supporters of the race. Fall Fifties Season Pass: Sangre de Cristo 50-Mile + Indian Creek Fifties 50-Mile + Razorback Running Revival 50-Mile By registering for a season pass bundle, you'll save (on average) $20 off the total combined registration fee, compared to signing up for all events individually. When to run. Passing Jacob was a good bit of extra inspiration, but it mostly just piled on to what I was already feeling inside. This was one of the best stretches of the day, as it was mostly open meadows with amazing views of all the wide pasture-lands east of the Sangres. I still can’t get over how cool these things are. Sangre de Cristo Ultras County Road 119 ... Come join us on the Rainbow Trail in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. All-Out Fallfest 1M, 5K, 10K, Half & Full Marathon. Run beneath the watchful eye of these gorgeous, and ominous, mountains. Sangre de Cristo Ultras Race Results 100 KM View course top times But as it was, the weather felt glorious. 200 Miles. And when to not let myself slow down, which was always oh-so-tempting to do. As I learned later, Jacob ended up winning the whole thing, in a time of 85 hours and 56 minutes. I sent this pic to a curious co-worker, hence the cheese. To be honest, the next 8.8 miles up and down the pass are some of the most proud ones I have ever had in the hills. September 25th 2021. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains (Spanish for "Blood of Christ") are the southernmost subrange of the Rocky Mountains.They are located in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico in the United States.The mountains run from Poncha Pass in South-Central Colorado, trending southeast and south, ending at Glorieta Pass, southeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico.The mountains contain … For that, I am very thankful. Judging by the bib (and the way he was walking) I knew he was a 200 miler. However, you will not be able to view the results in their entirty, since this event is not hosting their registration with us. Feelin good at the half-way point. It is easily found and quickly snatched away. Sangre de Cristo Ultras. This huge field served as the starting line, finish line, check-in station, race headquarters, campground, and aid station during the race. Following the overall leader of the 100k through this section. It includes the following events: 200-Mile, 100-Mile, 100k, 50-Mile, 50k, 27k, and 3-DAYs of MUSIC PASS: 50-Mile, 50k & 27k. the last 16 miles). But mostly I think I was just hesitant to commit, knowing what a huge undertaking my first 50 miler would be. Sep 19, 2020 - 100M, 50M, 50K trail run. Results. It was good to meet someone and hang together for this stretch. This was the place and now was the time. You may even think to yourself, ‘what a wonderful world’. But despite knowing this race was confirmed, I still dragged my feet to actually sign up. He was a great guy, but I quickly realized hanging with the young buck on the first climb was going to be a bit too fast for my own good. Up and down Music Pass. It may sound strange, but it was more so like this was a chance to prove myself worthy of all the training I had put in to get to this point. Bombing down Music Pass in the morning as the sun starts to fill in everything. It took a few extra minutes, but it was all time well spent. 200-Miles. This was one where everything that could go right, did. 100 Miles. Results. 100 Miles. When it was all said and done, I had made it down with 3 minutes to spare. I was able to set a real nice pace, slow-jogging and power hiking the uphills, while pushing myself on the downs. It felt awesome to be hanging out with such a great running community in such a remote, lovely spot. I had continued to feel real good (or at least, as good as you can after running 41 miles) all the way back from Horn Creek (i.e. That turned out to a great decision. Running 50 miles is enough of a mental burden without taking on the worries of the world in addition. After running the Sheep Mountain 50k in August, I knew wasn’t quite ready to wrap up my season just yet. I’d say that text summed up my feelings pretty well. Huge kudos again for executing such a phenomenal race in the Sangres as well. Event Categories. Looking back at my splits later, I was pleased to see I kept well under my ‘stretch’ goal pace this whole section despite the mileage. Like I said, she’s the uncontested greatest. What a legend. I knew the middle portions of the race had some long stretches without aid, so I figured a larger pack with a bigger water reservoir would be welcomed.

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