NHS Digital makes no commitment that the: The procurement pipeline provides a forward view of potential commercial activity and can be accessed below. Internet Explorer is now being phased out by Microsoft. NHS Digital leads the digital revolution in the NHS. This includes information on how to submit your interest in potential opportunities. Migrations to the cloud and data centre consolidations continue. Climate adaption and resilience. Next chapter: Cymraeg Cymraeg. Summary Care Records were originally smaller more concise records of acute conditions, allergens, and medications. If you are offered and accept employment with NHS Digital, some of the information collected during the application and recruitment process will become part of your employment record including individual demographic information for equal opportunities monitoring purposes and to enable rights and obligations to be identified (including ethnic origin, age, gender etc. I applied online. In the coming year, we will take a more strategic stance in optimising the use of both local organisations’ infrastructure and their cloud-based solutions. Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) is an equal opportunities employer and believes in treating everyone with dignity and respect, encouraging applications from all sectors of the community. NHS organisations facing "significant" digital transformation … The journey outlined in the below represents a huge saving of circa 4,000 Tonnes CO2e. ). Interview. Major public cloud suppliers are showing ambition in greening their offers and progress is being made in data provision. Find out more about bidding for government contracts in the doing business with government guide for SMEs. ... › Digital Support Updates for Healthcare Professionals › Primary Care. Clear questions. A great employer that offers job security and good work/life balance flexibility. This is emerging as the critical component of NHS Digital’s response to the sustainability agenda and we are contributing to the wider agenda across the health and social care system. Frameworks are agreements put in place with a supplier or range of suppliers that enables us to place orders for services without running lengthy full tendering exercises. NHS Digital makes no commitment that the: The procurement pipeline provides a forward view of potential commercial activity and can be accessed below. The NHS long term plan sets out an ambitious vision for the digital development of the service. The pipeline identifies projects greater than £185,000 for procurements not yet awarded. Citizens can now change their nominated pharmacy via the app to specify where prescriptions are sent, saving significant amounts of patient travel. Key opportunities exist around: NHS Digital is currently in the process of creating a tool which will enable alignment with Her Majesty's Government Green Book requirements by enabling users to clearly measure and articulate the environmental and social benefits of sustainable technology interventions. New functionality has been added to the NHS App which could save patient travel. The use of analytical tools and comprehensive evaluation will be important. Some of these frameworks have now expired and been replaced with newer versions, some are live but closed to further applications and some will be accepting supplier applications. Migrate the Prescribing on Diabetes publication to the NHSBSA The publication focuses on a specific set of medicines relating to the treatment of diabetes and as a result has a specialised user base. New services commissioned to run on cloud. Internet Explorer is now being phased out by Microsoft. Patients can be reassured that if they have previously opted-out of having a Summary Care Record or declined to provide consent to share their Additional Information, their preference will continue to be respected and applied. Additionally, the NHS Digital Academy model needs to be established as the home for all digital learning and learning programmes, including the current learning programme offering, in the future. However many of the people who could most benefit from digital … To support through information and technology the delivery of the triple aim: better health for populations, better care for patients and lower costs allowing the NHS to do more for the money we have. NHS Digital pilot will collect private hospital data. Home; About us. New guide helps unlock NHS for innovators to accelerate uptake … Numerous technical interventions have been used to achieve efficiencies including: The key developments are illustrated below. NHS Digital is a non-Departmental Government body, established in April 2013 by the Health and Social Care Act 2012 as the Health and Information Centre, now trading as NHS Digital. We supported the use of these tools by helping frontline trusts with laptop procurement, remote access solutions and Health and Social Care Network bandwidth. This involves selecting platforms which offer efficient cooling, use of renewable electricity and Power Usage Efficiency (PUE). Tenders will be invited from all suppliers on the framework agreement or relevant lot within the framework if it is broken down by lots. An increasing amount of our procurement is through a range of frameworks that have been negotiated by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) or other public procurement organisations. Primary Care Other Information. This change will apply for the duration of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic only. The first funding stream totals £1.1m for ‘demonstrator areas’ to adopt or develop digital products and services to transfer information from clinical into adult social care settings, with the aim of increasing the quality and efficiency of care. In addition, we provided training to 159 trusts using the Attend Anywhere software package for virtual consultations. Maintained Good eye contact. Alongside other ethical issues such as modern slavery,  critical raw materials and rare earth metals are non-renewable materials and mining activities cause huge pollution. Given the criticality of this, and the specific focus on sustainable infrastructure as a central part of delivery, our Sustainability Programme is now overseen by the Deputy CEO and MD of IT Operations Group in NHS Digital. We all share the ultimate objective of making our NHS sustainable and I am looking forward to helping the next set of digital innovators make this a reality.” Operational and carbon highlights, Current chapter – Digital sustainability Currently working with 40+ NHS hospitals in the U.K. We believe we are the Complete Digital Document Creation Solution provider - Single Solution Platform, Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition, Stuctured Reporting, Analitics and many more services tailored to each user, departments, trusts & hospitals. Good experience and positive panel. The information reflects our anticipated procurement pipeline as at the report date, and is subject to change. Data storage and transfer - we must ensure that data is stored efficiently and archived or deleted when possible. Some features on this site will not work. We will work with other NHS partners to drive the optimisation of infrastructure consumption and efficiency across the health and social care technology arena. Remote consultations: Digital transformation has occurred rapidly across the NHS, with around 550,000 video consultations taking place in primary and secondary care, and 2.3 million online consultation submissions to primary care, in June. Using cloud services where appropriate and migrating existing legacy workloads into the cloud to further reduce data centre footprint. Early benefits of these changes commenced nearly 10 years ago but has accelerated over the last few years to alternative ‘co-located’ hosting services and with the adoption of modern cloud services through the ‘Cloud First’ agenda and developing strategies. If you have any queries regarding procurement opportunities, please email: [email protected], NHS Digital procurement pipeline October 2020, Opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), doing business with government guide for SMEs, NHS SBS - IT Solutions (Networks, Software, Hardware & IT Services), CCS - RM6068 Technology Products and Services, CCS - Network Services 2, Lot 13 (RM3808/13), CCS - Technology Products 2, Lot 2 (Software) (RM3733), South of England Procurement Services (SOEP) - Back Office Functions F10749, Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), CCS - Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3, Lot 1, CCS - Technology Products 2, Lot 2 (Software), annual value of any contract will be as stated, timing of any future procurement exercises will be as stated, estimated date when the contract will be awarded. Previous chapter: NHS Digital's physical server footprint is reduced using virtualisation technology to decrease electricity and carbon footprint. Across the NHS, pioneering nurses and AHPs are moving into clinical informatics, both in new, groundbreaking roles and by leading the implementation of innovative digital health and care systems as part of their existing roles. So far, so good "Of course, the long-term plan is an indication of where the NHS wants to go with its … Interview lasted around 45 minutes. As in most public sector organisations things do move a little slowly but the organisational culture is relaxed, inclusive, diverse but focused. Upstream ethics and supply chain resilience - it's important these are managed through our commercial engagement. Our sustainability programme is focused on the use of digital technologies and tools to enable carbon savings across both NHS Digital’s own delivery and now to the wider health system. The NHS Digital funding, split into three streams, is designed to support integrated care and positive outcomes for people accessing social care and health services. NHS Digital successfully deployed Microsoft Teams, a workplace collaboration platform that forms part of the Office365 suite, to over 1.4 million NHSmail users, enabling a step change in virtual collaboration. NHS Wales Informatics Service. Key opportunities exist around: The circular economy - limiting embodied impacts through multiple usage lifetimes from ICT equipment – key actions are around stimulating demand for re-manufactured devices and utilising leasing over ownership. The circular economy - limiting embodied impacts through multiple usage lifetimes from ICT equipment – key actions are around stimulating demand for re-manufactured devices and utilising leasing over ownership. We have detected that you are using Internet Explorer to visit this website. If you have difficulty installing or accessing a different browser, contact your IT support team. However, what has been striking about the response to COVID-19 is the consistent theme of innovation from across the NHS, including accelerating digital ways of working. Digital technologies are not only creating new opportunities to change things for patients, they are also creating new opportunities to make things better for staff, and the wider system. [email protected] We have detected that you are using Internet Explorer to visit this website. Commissioning more efficient data centre services such as through the Crown Hosting agreement. Identifying vulnerable patient lists. NHS Digital moved existing physical and virtual infrastructure estate to co-located data centre with Her Majesty's Land Registry. Search. Framework agreements provide an efficient and effective means of combining the benefits of reduced process costs and enhanced buying power resulting from a consolidation of requirements. Polite and friendly panel who put me at ease. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that any published pipeline project will lead to a tender publication as we may decide not to proceed with the contract. Our NHS Digital 2021 Graduate Scheme is a unique multidisciplinary programme teaming you with experts in the essential digital health skills and knowledge that drive NHS Digital’s mission. NHS Discounts including shops, restaurants, gym, mobile phones, and insurance; Employee benefit schemes which include our Season Ticket Loan and Car Lease schemes; For more information, visit Working at NHS Digital. 1 DIGITAL INCLUSION GUIDE FOR HEALTH AND CARE IN WALES Key messages The NHS in Wales is committed to enabling people to use digital technologies to manage their own health, wellbeing and care. As a result, NHS Digital no longer supports any version of Internet Explorer for our web-based products, as it involves considerable extra effort and expense, which cannot be justified from public funds. Our organisation has been at the forefront of delivery of a number of products and services that have helped clinicians, carers, researchers, and patients during the coronavirus pandemic and will continue to develop new tools and services as the situation develops. It aims to build board understanding of the potential and implications of the digital agenda and increase the confidence and capability of boards to harness the opportunities it provides. Two new strategic data centres are commissioned at Crown Hosting and Cloud First initiative announced at NHS Digital. It ensures that the sustainability impacts of running digital services are more than accounted for through enabled benefits such as travel reduction or estate utilisation. Microsoft … Once again, incentivization would encourage strong digital enablement. Lucy Parsons. You should use a modern browser such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. We have procured through the following frameworks over the last 6 months. It needs to serve people's digital learning and development needs across all … This equates to 5.9 million people using our online services in March 2020 and has significantly reduced the burden on hospitals, saving carbon by reducing journeys. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies. Information Governance. 20 cabinets have been decommissioned in HM Land Registry facilities with 39 more by the end of March 2021. A pilot led by NHS Digital and the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) is set to collect data on privately-funded care from independent hospitals. In March 2020, we saw an 80% increase of the NHS 111 online service (111.nhs.uk). NHS Digital is collaborating with NHSX on embedding sustainability into their Tech Plan and with NHS England on the Net Zero Carbon Plan digital workstream. This three year programme can be accessed through a comprehensive set of board resources, regional events, go see visits and free bespoke whole board development sessions for individual trusts. NHS Digital is at the vanguard of driving progress in the public sector on embedding sustainability within digital service development design principles. Application. In 2019-20 it employed 2,617 permanent staff and secondees; it receives over £530 million in grant in aid funding from the Department of Health and Social Care.

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