Likewise the islands of Maluco, Filolo [Gilolo], Tidore, Ternate, and Ambon, called the Malucos, are three hundred leagues south of this island of Luzon. Families in a Global Context by Charles B. Hennon, Stephan M. Wilson, Philippine History Module-based Learning I 2002 Edition by Rebecca Ramilo Ongsotto, Reena R. Ongsotto, Development in Asia: Interdisciplinary, Post-Neoliberal, and Transnational: Interdisciplinary, Post-neoliberal, and Transnational Perspectives by Derrick M. Nault, The Philippines: A Global Studies Handbook by Damon L. Woods, An Introduction to Philippine Social Science by Maximo M. Kalaw, Colonial Counterpoint: Music in Early Modern Manila by D. R. M. Irving, The Oxford Handbook of Christianity in Asia by Felix Wilfred, The Embarrassment of Slavery: Controversies over Bondage and Nationalism in the American Colonial Philippines by Michael Salman, Cultural Institutions of the Novel by Deidre Lynch, William Beatty Warner, FilipiKnow strives to ensure each article published on this website is as accurate and reliable as possible. For brass, iron and other weighty articles, they gave us gold in exchange...For 14 pounds of iron we received 10 pieces of gold, of the value of a ducat and a half. Kahit na inihayag na Pambansang Wika noong panahong iyon na tanging English at Espanyol lamang ang opisyal na wikang ginagamit sa pamahalaan, sa paaralan at iba pang larangan ng pangangalakal ay nagsilbing Pambansang Wika ng Pilipinas, ngunit sadyang ang katutubong wika ng mga Pilipino ay iniingatan ni Abba Yahweh na sinasamba ni Abraham, ay hindi hinayaang tuluyang mawala sa sirkulasyon ng Bansang Pilipinas. Ang salita ng Kabisayaan ay tinatawag na ‘Hiligaynon’ ay sa wikang Hebreo naman ay ‘Higaynon’ na ibig sabihin ay “solemn sound”. These 10 Unique Artifacts Are Providing Evidence Of Lost Ancient Civilizations. (Page of tag philippines) On that day in 1989, a man in the concrete business was dredging sand at the mouth of the Lumbang River near Laguna de Ba’y when he uncovered a blackened roll of metal. KALAS Khaw-lash to overthrown20. Twelve or fifteen ships from the mainland of China come each year to the city of Manila, laden with merchandise: figured silks of all sorts; wheat, flour, and sugar; many kinds of fruit; iron, steel, tin, brass, copper, lead, and other kinds of metals; and everything in the same abundance as in España and the Indies, so that they lack for nothing. The Moros living in the south for instance often wore armor that covered them head-to-toe. Pre-Colonial PhilippinesPre-Colonial Philippines A. KARIT Charits incisure, sharf26. JW: The ancient Philippines laid at the intersection of trade between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Our ancestors—far from being the archetypal spear-carrying, bahag-wearing tribesmen we picture them to be—were very proficient in the art of war. Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia may be the best known of the first great urban cultures, but the largest was the Indus or Harappan civilization. TAGA Tagah slap104. GALA Galah to exile, depart40. TIRA Tiyrah a wall, fortress114. Homosexuals were also largely tolerated, seeing as how some of the babaylans were actually men in drag. Some wear strings of precious stones--cornelians and agates; and other blue and white stones, which they esteem highly. --- Antonio Galvão in 1555 describing the journey of Bartholomew de la Torre in 1548, "...the ore is so rich that I will not write any more about it, as I might possibly come under a suspicion of exaggerating; but I swear by Christ that there is more gold on this island than there is iron in all Biscay.". The bones show evidence of having been cut with stone tools. This people were called “VISAYA” the descendant of original Sri-Visjaya of 7th century from Borneo and Sulu. The manuscript was auctioned in 1947 and came into the possession of Professor Charles Ralph Boxer, an authority on the Far East, and after whom the document is named. This island is little more than one hundred leagues east of the island of Burney. MAHAL Mahal to adulterate60. Filipiknow is fueled by the belief that what we expect from our country matters less than what our motherland expects from us. HAH Hahh express grief43. KANAN Chanan to favor24. They built their houses in trees and created fire for cooking. Although the datus technically came from the upper classes, he could be removed from his position by the lower classes if they found him wanting of his duties. The Proto-Malays, a Mongol Asiatic race, arrived around 2500 B.C. Time will prove the truth. "...a document was found in 1989 that was written in a much older and more complex writing system than the baybayin. Maraming nag ambag na nagtanggol upang mapanatili ang Wikang Tagalog sa puso at damdamin ng mga Pilipino, sina Andres Bonifacio, Francisco Balagtas, Marcelo H. Del Pilar, Emilio Jacinto, Lope K. Santos at marami pang nagtanggol sa wikang ito. Although the Spanish era (and the American period by extension) did have their good points, would it have really been worth it all in the end? HALAL Halal celebrate, renowned44. Likewise from the larger islands can be made voyages of discovery, subjugation, and colonization, and thus ascertain thoroughly the secret of the so great riches and trade possessed by the said islands, in order that your Majesty may be best served in everything. DODONG Dowdow King David – love38. Another expedition was organized in 2005. Using the ancient system of writing called the baybayin, the pre-colonial Filipinos educated themselves very well, so much so that when the Spanish finally arrived, they were shocked to find out that the Filipinos possessed a literacy rate higher than that of Madrid! Available at: [Accessed 10 Nov. 2014]. Datu Puti and other two (2) Datu, Datu Dumangsil and Datu Balensusa reached Mindoro and Taal (Batangas) where the language of the two Datu believed to be the origin of Tagalog language. Though it’s long been considered a fact that the earliest civilizations date back 5,000-6,000 years in places like ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, there is curious evidence suggesting that a highly intelligent, technologically advanced, and intensely social civilization existed much earlier—at least 10,000 BCE (or 12,000 years ago). Source: Wikimedia Commons. Researchers found a 700,000-year-old site on the Philippine island of Luzon where unknown hominins butchered a rhinoceros. Ito ay may Misteryo at walang nakaka-alam na kahawig ng Hebreo.“Of all our languages, the Tagalog has been adjudged the best by scholars. Yahvehism: The Religion of Prophet Moses and His People,The object of Mahometan worship is purely intellectual; no image, no representation of Allah is tolerated. There are some chiefs in this island who have on their persons ten or twelve thousand ducats' worth of gold in jewels--to say nothing of the lands, slaves, and mines that they own. GULAT Giylath joy, rejoicing42. Although polygamy was practiced, men were expected to do so only if they could support and love each of his wives equally. The datu and the elders also acted as de facto courts in case of disputes between individuals of their village. It has “MYSTERY and OBSCURITIES of the HEBREW”,Wikang Tagalog ay Kahawig ng Wikang Hebreo (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Hebrew Dictionary)TAGALOG SALITANG HEBREO IBIG SABIHIN SA ENGLISH 1. ANTIK Anthiyq antique7. TUMIRA Tiymarah be erect, The language of Tagalog and Bisaya is Ancient-HebrewAccording to Merriam-Webster International Unabridged dictionary that the Tagalog language and Visaya language comes from one group of language called Tagala that is branch-language of ancient Malay-Javanese language called Kawi which is now extinct. The discovery of golden tara and of very old cave artifacts called Maitum Anthropomorphic Potteries. CUBAO Chobawb to hide, hiding place15. 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