Chase and Bree try to fix the problem by using their bionics to paint a replica, but the plan is jeopardized when Davenport decides to sell the painting. Davenport arranges for Chase, Adam, and Bree to go on a mission in Antarctica to obtain the element needed to power his new freezing gun. Leo, who is already at school, encounters Douglas, who then shows Leo video footage of Krane implanting himself with more bionic abilities. Later, Graham holds a press conference with Chase, Adam, and Bree to confirm that they are bionic superhumans. They go over a large bridge that begins to collapse after a transport ship crashes into it. Afterward, when Rose demands answers, Davenport tells her that the Lab Rats are his brother's children, who he says he adopted after his brother fell into a volcano. To complete their chores faster, Adam and Leo make a turbo zip-line to get around quicker, but they wind up ignoring their chores to have fun with the zip-line, with Davenport joining them later. Games Movies TV Video. Category:Season 4 | Disney XD's Lab Rats Wiki | Fandom. Guest stars: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas Davenport, Mateus Ward as Marcus, Will Forte as the voice of Eddy. Guest stars: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas, Ashley Argota as Taylor, John Eric Bentley as President, Emery Kelly as Logan. Meanwhile, Grandma Rose comes to visit and begins to interfere with Leo and Janelle's relationship. Meanwhile, Davenport has an upcoming web presentation in the lab, and Chase becomes upset when Leo is chosen over him to present Davenport's new exoskeleton suit. Davenport, Tasha, and the colonists are placed under mind control through the Triton App. Davenport and Douglas reveal that they have built an operating system upgrade for all the students' bionics. February 3, 2016. Krane has also implanted S-1 with his own Triton App, giving him complete control over her. Marcus knocks everyone unconscious. 2:21. Bree allows Caitlin to stay, but Bob immediately becomes attracted to her and forgets his earlier crush on Bree. Finale Episode The children use Davenport's memory-erasing device to make him forget that he grounded them. Chase tries to destroy the bell with his heat vision; however, he is not used to it and accidentally traps Leo and Principal Perry inside an elevator. Meanwhile, Bree accidentally exposes her bionic speed to her friend Caitlin, who then leaves in a fluster. Bree plays golf against Perry and wins back the painting. When Tasha returns home, she tells them she was teleported to Fresno and was contacted by Adam, who told her about the teleportation mishap. Lab Rats: Elite Force Volume 1. Lab Rats: Complete Series [Regions 2 & 4] 4.9 out of 5 stars 12. Davenport remains in critical condition after the battle with Krane; Leo visits him in the hospital. Guest star: Jeremy Kent Jackson as Douglas. Leo decides to enter the school talent show by performing a magic act, and Chase is upset that he is not pictured in the yearbook. Later, Perry wins the vote when Adam and Davenport accidentally crash the monster truck into the school. It will have 25 episodes as far as anyone knows. Adam feels bad, so he later explains to Sabrina that he is the reason her date with Chase did not go well. February 3, 2016 Chase criticizes Adam's actions and Chase, Adam, and Bree start fighting and eventually decide to dissolve the team. 1:07. Krane and S-1 are taken into custody and locked in a prison with a bionic signal interrupter, preventing them from using their bionics to get out. He is stable for now, but if his blood pressure gets too high, he will explode. Chase, Adam, and Bree go on strike with Leo as their leader due to Davenport's refusal to give them a day off. Later, during the night, Perry is attacked by a mysterious attacker; in the morning, Chase notices bionic burn marks on the hydro-loop and has suspicions that there is still a rebel among them from when Sebastian led the bionic rebellion. However, his inventions wind up being dangerous to the students, due to his lack of experience with trying to help people rather than harm them. They subsequently learn that the accidents were caused by Chase, who has become evil from the skull. Davenport also tells Chase, Adam, and Bree that they cannot go to school until he figures out what is going on. While Adam is left alone to watch the Dingo mascot, he is outsmarted by a Deerfield High School student who then takes the mascot. To get revenge, Chase activates his Override App, which gives him control over Adam and Bree in emergencies. Three weeks later, Chase, Adam, and Bree refuse to talk to each other, but they are forced into action when Krane plans to use his own version of the Triton App to control everyone in the world, in addition to the bionic army that is under his control. Later, the Davenports are in the limo on the mainland, heading for the awards ceremony. Davenport is upset when he discovers what Douglas has done, and is also concerned how Chase's new ability will affect the team's work on missions. Leo realizes they can inject Davenport's nanobots to remove the virus from Chase and Bree. Later, Davenport decides to make Leo a mentor because he has proven to be a leader. Douglas gives the super intelligence to the rest of the students, but when Adam tries restoring Bob to his former self, he accidentally gives all the students the intelligence of farm animals, reducing them to mindless zombies who aimlessly wander around. Viewing them as weapons of mass destruction, Graham intends to hold Adam, Bree, and Chase indefinitely in separate facilities, while Davenport will be taken away pending Graham's final report of the situation. Watch Lab Rats - Season 4, Episode 10 - Lab Rats vs. Meanwhile, Principal Perry misses Adam, Bree, and Chase. The series stars Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman, Kelli Berglund, Tyrel Jackson Williams, and Hal Sparks. Lab Rats, also known as Lab Rats: Bionic Island for the fourth season, is an American comedy television series created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore that aired on Disney XD from February 27, 2012 to February 3, 2016. 25:22. Davenport successfully convinces the students that he was protecting them by keeping their past a secret until the time was right, just as he had done previously with Adam, Bree, and Chase with regard to their father Douglas. At the dance, Chase, Adam and Leo attempt to capture the ghost janitor, but they learn that Principal Perry was behind the whole thing with the use of special effects. Even though it shows Chase using his original forcefield he never uses it this season. Leo soon proves to be worthy when he devises a solution to the gas leak, by sacrificing Eddy's new body. To get back at Leo, Chase reverses the controls on the exoskeleton, but it malfunctions when Leo tries to present it. After adding them, they decide that the toys are too dangerous for children and put them in a box to be destroyed. Kaz tricks the Incapacitator to absorb Chase's virus and the Incapacitator explodes. He tries to use his Override App to make his group do whatever he is thinking. Spike and his team nearly win the game, until he reverts to Chase near the end. You can also buy, rent Lab Rats on demand at DisneyNOW, Google Play online. While Chase, Adam, and Bree want to rescue them, Davenport heads out alone with an extremely powerful thermal blaster. Perry is overworked as head of security for the island, so Davenport gives her a partner by installing Eddy into a synthetic human body to help her. While going on a mission to receive samples to bust criminals, Bree is exposed to one of the chemicals that she is collecting when she is not paying attention. Chase, Adam, and Bree are upset when Leo abandons the strike to accept Davenport's offer of presenting the gravity belt. Lab Rats, also known as Lab Rats: Bionic Island for the fourth season, is an American comedy television series created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore that aired on Disney XD from February 27, 2012 to February 3, 2016. When Sabrina is uncomfortable with Spike's tough personality, she leaves. After Principal Perry tells everyone a story about a ghost janitor who haunts Mission Creek High, Chase, Adam, and Leo decide to take advantage of Trent's fear of ghosts for a little revenge. The finale episode of this season was The Vanishing. 99. Chase's plan fails when Cheddy begins acting like Eddy by insulting people who installed the application. Tasha arrives on the island, informing everyone that she has tickets to a big football game in Mission Creek. Davenport eventually agrees to give Perry the job position, which upsets Leo as he does not want her around. In season 4, he returns. Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 5 - Mission Mania Full Episode HD. Leo tries to prove to Janelle that Spin is faking the injury, but he is unsuccessful. Lab Rats: Bionic Island V(also known as Lab Rats: Bionic Island Season 5or just simply Lab Rats) is the fifth season to Lab Rats: Bionic Island, fictionally created by RenKrawler17. Adam uses his increased lung capacity to freeze the tank, but is unsuccessful, so Daniel replicates his ability and they team up. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. Douglas made Otis bionic to save his life when he was injured. Meanwhile, Leo is wearing his mission suit without having a mission to go on, and when Davenport learns that it is because it makes Leo feel important, his ego gets the best of him and he puts on Chase's mission suit. However, Chase and Adam cannot agree on who will get to drive the motorcycle during missions. This upsets Chase and Adam, who decide to get revenge. Much to Davenport's dismay, they decide to use the exoskeleton as their cleaner. Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 1-E02 Bionic Rebellion (1) Lab Rats. Bree is annoyed by Tasha's persistent presence in her new room, and she eventually decides to move back into the lab. Leo steadily tries to teach Daniel, but Daniel proves to be unteachable. However, he quickly finds out that he will need the help of Chase, Adam, Bree, and Leo when his neighbor enlists the help of NASCAR's Joey Logano to win the race. Davenport finds Leo with Douglas at the lab, but the brothers work together to stop Bree and fix her chip. Chase apologizes to Kate and finds out that Douglas replaced her Commando App with sonic screaming. Season 4 When available, episode names will be translated into your preferred language. During a lunar eclipse, Principal Perry arrives at the house to inform everyone that aliens are on the planet, much to everyone's shock. A new bionic sibling is introduced this season, Donald was absent in eleven episodes. Douglas shows up and melts Marcus with a weapon. Bree has a crush on Owen, a student who is an artist. He has competed against them in football and basketball and somehow always seems to come out with the short end of the stick.In Trent Gets Schooled, he graduates from Mission Creek High School thanks to Leo and Chase. Chase and Adam each lead their own student groups against each other in Davenport's series of simulated exercises that will evaluate both student and mentor performance. Unfortunately, an incoming solar flare requires the bionic trio to remain in the RV/mobile lab instead of enjoying the beach. At the same time, Chase and Adam try to pull a prank on the girls. However, Douglas reveals that he has already given Bree the ability to become invisible. Adam causes further problems by putting too much hair growth cream on Bree. Krane has escaped the dome in a space pod and begins attacking the ship, until his pod is destroyed by one of the ship's missiles. This is the only season to have a 1 hour finale. Because Leo has only had his bionic arm for six months, Davenport classifies him as one of the academy students rather than a mentor like Adam, Bree, and Chase. Ryan J. Kelly as Thermo Hands 8. US Georgia runoff: ballots counting starts for critical Senate races. Confirmed Date The Comic About the Rats (408/409) - April 29, 2015, Into the Crypt (410) - June 24, 2015, A Dreamy Return (411) - July 1, 2015, Bionic Strength (412) - July 8, 2015, Endless (413) - July 15, 2015, Trip to the Academy (417) - August 12, 2015 Unconfirmed Date A Rising Rebel (419), The Rats´ New Friend (TBA), Welcome to the World (TBA) - 2016 This eventually causes tensions to increase between Chase and Adam who were initially excited to have the lab to themselves and end up dividing the lab in half. Chase decides to give up the job after Adam reveals that he would miss Chase and did not want him to leave. 8 Episode 4 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. 26 When the school board comes to Mission Creek High for a tour of Davenport's upgrades, Robo Perry goes on a rampage and fights with the real Perry, who destroys the robot in a fight. They learn that Leo, attempting to gain recognition, has started a bionic rescue service called Leo Dooley's Bionic Superhumans. 8. ... receiving an operating system upgrade and it's learned that their disappearance is due to a nefarious duo from the Lab Rats' past. She happens to find the action figures and hands them out. 23ABC News. Marcus defeats Chase, Adam, and Bree, but Leo arrives in the exoskeleton, having been wearing a Davenport suit which saved him from Marcus' earlier attack. Davenport and Perry escape the hydro-loop and return to the academy. Meanwhile, Caitlin arrives on the island after stalking Tasha to figure out the whereabouts of Adam, Bree, and Chase. As Agent Graham arrives, Douglas reveals that Krane and S-1 are the bionic villains. The team returns to Davenport's lab in Mission Creek to restore the bionic chips. Chase, Adam, and Bree are forced to go without their sleeping capsules, which were destroyed in the lab explosion. When the fire alarm goes off during a drill, Bree complains about the noise due to her heightened sense of hearing which Chase has conditioned himself to. Lab Rats - Season 4. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? He is rescued by Douglas, who presents him with a tempting offer to work together and be given Adam and Bree's bionic abilities. It is revealed that Krane has an army of bionic soldiers, which he will use to destroy Chase, Adam, and Bree.

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