: Indoor : (adjective) ( 1) Carried on or situated inside a building Used in or suitable for We have an indoor swimming pool. Indoor vs. outdoor training. USAGE: Indoor, indoors Indoor is an adjective and indoors is an adverb. One final huge advantage of an indoor exercise bike over an outdoor cycle is that the price for an exercise bike is dramatically lower than a typical outdoor bike. Outdoor Weed Indoor weed vs. outdoor weed? You can use it anytime, without even putting on sandals. Indoor Vs. Quality. Indoor growers can change the way their plants perceive the seasons just by manipulating the light spectrum and photoperiod. Indoor vs outdoor is not really relevant to the discussion. Interactivity makes things more personal, and that’s what makes it a perfect match with the indoors. Don’t smoke indoors. Accessed 20 Jan. 2021. As a adjective indoor is situated in, or designed to be used in, or carried on within the interior of a building. Indoors vs Housepet. Indoor vs. According to Joey Bedard-Brunet, founder and CEO of cannabis agriculture company ClearWater CannGrow Inc., indoor cannabis is ultimately the better smoking flower. Outdoor. Over the years, indoor play has become increasingly popular, to the point that it threatens to overtake outdoor play. Higher levels of CO² can lead to increased crop yields. Everything you say here is correct, but that doesn’t meant that TrainerRoad shouldn’t provide a way to enter an offset for indoor vs outdoor workouts. No winner and loser here, just facts. This year I have been experimenting with some different growlights, to see which ones grow the best seedlings. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. As a noun inside is the interior or inner part. In the summertime you benefit from the air conditioned rooms in the gym, and when the temperature nosedives outside, you’ll appreciate the central heating. She is fond of indoor games. Between indoor and outdoor cultivation, the distinguishing factor in quality is the control of its environment. What A Summer Of COVID-19 Taught Scientists About Indoor vs. Outdoor devices are waterproof and designed for wider temperatures. Many growers who choose indoor cultivation do so because they want more control. Period. In this modern era, it’s important to consider all available options for your location when designing a cannabis cultivation facility. Growing indoors requires much more energy. Outdoors vs. Indoors: What You Need to Know When Designing a Centralized Mailbox System. But indoor vs outdoor TT bike power is quite a bit more than that. We were kept indoors all week by bad weather. From my understanding, "Bob stayed indoors" is a correct expression, while "Bob stayed indoor" is incorrect. Then again, a cat who goes outdoors may be finding something extra to snack on, whether they had to catch it or knock over a garbage can to get it. The biggest reason why is that many users have completely different bikes (and power meters) on the trainer than we use for outside rides. The main thing to understand when it comes to indoor and outdoor […] Outdoor Play: What is better for children?" Indoors vs Taxonomy. Pros. Many of us frequent the gym to get the majority of our exercise done, indoors, while other people prefer to take things on in the great outdoors - running, cycling, and making use of the hidden wonder the "outdoor gym". Right off the bat it’s important to say that neither of the two is more or less valuable. Indoor vs. outside dining: Which restaurant tables are safer? However, as a parent you want the best for your kids and thus might be wondering which of the two is better. Finally, consider your equipment as a possible cause. How Growing Outdoors vs. Indoors Affects the Harvest Cycle . We don't have any banner, Flash, animation, obnoxious sound, or popup ad. But in reality things aren’t that simple. Indoor vs outdoor road bike power is only about 3% for me. Indoor climbing is a safer than outdoor climbing. … Indoors vs Inside. You use it to describe objects or activities that exist or happen inside a building. • indoor soccer • The hotel has a heated indoor swimming pool . Indoor-outdoor definition, designed or constructed to be used either indoors or outdoors: indoor-outdoor carpeting. Indoor vs Indoorsy . Indoor vs Outdoor Digital Signage: 4 Key Differences. How to use indoors in a sentence. January 8, 2021 June 17, 2017 by Julia Wilson. What made you want to look up indoors? Why the Subtle Differences Matter in Indoor vs Outdoor Tennis. What is the difference between Indoor and Indoors? Indoor vs Outdoor Cats – Pros and Cons. But in reality things aren’t that simple.

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